Did you feel the shift? Not only did this weekend mark the unofficial start to summer, but astrologically speaking, we also welcomed a new era of heightened spiritual consciousness. The full moon coupled with a lunar eclipse on Friday and topped with the start of the new season is a magical fusion of energy that ushered in a phase of fresh perspectives and new beginnings.


If you’re like me, you are ready to greet this new beginning with open arms, but this shift does require a bit of effort. We cannot manifest the new, after all, if we’re still hanging on to the old. Imagine someone gave you two pennies to hold, one in each hand. If you hold them too tightly, you cannot hold anything else. Even if someone came up to you and tried to put diamonds in your fisted palms, they would not be able to. The pennies in this case are the old fears and hurts you carry from your past. Holding them only closes you off from great experiences and loves.

I was ready, willing, and able to let go of those old pennies to make room for some new diamonds, so a girlfriend and I held a small ceremony in which we jotted down all the things we wanted to let go of and tossed them one-by-one into the flame. I was amazed at all the baggage I had carried around for years. Old skeletons I thought I had long since abandoned and some I wasn’t aware existed came bubbling to the surface, and I unabashedly and without hesitation met each one without judgment or criticism.

As we tossed each one into the fire and watched the symbol of each of our fears, grudges, and emotional hang-ups burst into a multicolored flame before disintegrating into ash, we could feel the shift taking place; we could feel doors and rooms opening within us. Like cleaning out a closet of hand-me-downs to make room for a stylish new wardrobe, it left us feeling energized for what is to come. A few stated intentions and celebratory glasses of wine later, and we’re ready to take on the world.

So here it is, your invitation to join in the spiritual cleansing. Start by identifying all those old habits, relationships, and emotions that no longer serve your highest good. This is a full house spring-cleaning so jot down everything, no matter how seemingly small, that is holding you back from living your best life. Is it time to let go of the ten-dollar super mocha lattes? Jot it down. Have you been holding on to a grudge or withholding forgiveness? Jot it down. Are you holding yourself back by buying into fears and self-doubt? Jot it down and be specific.

Here are a few big ones from my list to get you started:

  • I release the fear of not being good enough.
  • I release the fear of not being loved.
  • I release the desire to always be in control.

One-by-one, reflect on the lessons each of those situations and relationships has taught you. Thank them for the lessons learned—really thank them with love and appreciation—then bid them farewell once and for all. We chose to ceremonially burn the things we wanted to let go of, but you may want to give them a burial in the back yard or attach them to a helium balloon and release them to Heaven. Whatever ritual speaks to your soul is the one you should use. The important part, after all, is that you are honest and thorough in your inventory then toss them like pennies into a fountain.

Stating intentions will come next, but for now, revel in the feeling of clarity and possibility. By the way, welcome to YOUR fresh beginning!

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa is renowned for ‘spot on’ psychic medium readings that are chock full of evidence, insights, and compassion. Melissa and Spirit change lives and convert skeptics to believers through channeled readings, sold-out events, and professional instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers.

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