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Spirit visitation dreams are one of the most recognized ways our loved ones in the spirit world communicate with us. They are real, they are an actual rendezvous with your deceased loves ones, and they are indeed a gift of miraculous proportions. Unfortunately visit dreams are often overlooked and written off as manifestations of a hopeful imagination. Arm yourself with the facts, so you won’t miss out the next time your loved ones drop in to say hello while you’re catching your ZZZs.


Why Does Spirit Communicate in Dreams?

While asleep, you have clearer access to higher states of consciousness. During the day, our bombastic physical minds tend to bully us and hog the show with thoughts, problem-solving, and everyday stresses. But at night, while your busy-body mind is off in lala land, our quieter and more reserved intuitive minds are free to take center stage, opening access to a super-highway of information from the spirit world and universal intelligence.

How Do “Visit Dreams” Differ from Regular Dreams?

  1. They feel real. This is the number one way people describe their visit dreams: real. And they are. I’ve experienced many visit dreams in my life, and I can best explain it by saying visit dreams are more like watching Harry Potter in 3D, while regular dreams are a more akin to old Scoobie Doo cartoons during a thunderstorm with a faulty tv antenna.
  2. They can can be extremely vivid. Visit dreams may have more detail and vividness than your typical dreaming M.O. For example, they may be more in-focus, have more color and contrast, have deeper content, and emit greater emotion and feeling. Think about watching The Wizard of Oz: before the tornado everything was in black in white, right? That is like a normal dream. But when Dorothy goes into Oz with her glistening ruby slippers and that shiny yellow brick road? The difference between a visit dream and a typical dream can be just as pleasing and more.
  3. The visits are loving and supportive. If you’ve had any dreams featuring your loved ones that are scary, tragic, or haunting, it is not a visit dream. Rather it is your deep fears and anxieties playing themselves out in your unconscious. Trust me, your deceased loved ones are whole, healthy, loving, and happy in the spirit world.
  4. Post-dream glow. The happiness and joy you experience in a visit dream does not just dissipate; it can continue long after you awaken. For instance, my father once visited me in a dream. As the dream ended he gave me the biggest and most loving hug I’ve ever experienced. As I woke and observed my physical surroundings, I could still feel his loving embrace around my physical body. It didn’t just dissolve away as I regained consciousness; the physical touch continued for moments even after I sat up in bed and looked around the room. 
  5. Doubt can cause it to end suddenly. My first few visit dreams were a wee bit frustrating for me because every time I found myself thinking, “this can’t be happening; it must be a dream because he is dead,” the visit would end prematurely. The same thing happened night after night until I finally trained myself to ease into the connection and not push it away with doubts and skepticism.
  6. It goes without saying … In visit dreams, as in the spirit world, words are not the mode of communication. Rather, we use telepathic communication to transmit thoughts, feelings, and messages. You may hear a word or phrase in your mind, but you likely will not see them speaking. In the spirit world, one only has to think of transmitting a message, and it is instantly received. It can take a little getting used to, but it is, in truth, a beautiful and more effective mode of communication. 

What Have They Come to Say?

Clients often come to me in a panic because they’ve finally had a visit dream they’ve been desperately wanting, but they are convinced they’ve missed their loved one’s intended message. Allow me to summarize: they love you, they are safe, they see what is happening in your life, and they want to offer their support to you. They don’t care how you invest your 401K or if you remodel their study. It’s like getting a 30-second phone call from Heaven, and they are going to cut straight to the important messages: I love you; I’m safe; I support you; I won’t leave you.

Why Aren’t I Having Visit Dreams?

If you haven’t experienced a visit dream yet, don’t despair. First of all, each spirit person will find ways to make their presence known to you that befits their personality. Dream communication simply may not be their thing. Perhaps they’re more interested in leaving you coins, or moving objects in your home, or making it possible for you to hear your favorite songs, and so on.

And if you are one of the lucky ones who has experienced meaningful visit dreams, don’t expect for it to happen every night. It can’t, and it won’t.

How Can I Make a Visit Dream Happen?

Well, first off, you can’t make it happen, but you can increase the likelihood. If you are worried, stressed, or feeling desperate, then you are stuck in that physical mind again, and as we know, that’s not where spirit communication takes place. So take care of yourself, get plenty of rest, de-stress, and let go of your expectations. Learn to go with the flow, create a peaceful and loving frame of mind, resist the urge to beg or demand a visit, and adopt a regular meditation ritual.

Visit dreams from our loved ones in spirit have the potential to be enormously healing and meaningful if we are willing to be patient and allow the experience to unfold naturally. Please don’t overlook the many ways your loved one is already sharing their love with you.

See what Spirit has to say to you!

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