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My dear, I see you. I see you trying so hard keep your head held high even when things get rocky. I see you trying to remain positive and upbeat even when the world knocks you down. I see you trying not to inflict even an ounce of negativity on those around you and instead holding it all in. I see you feeling hurt or angry and feeling like a failure because of it. I see you walking through life feeling like a fraud because you can’t manage to keep your halo from tilting, but you’re not a failure! You’re human.

I’ve been there too. Somewhere along the way, the world got the wrong impression about “spiritual” people or people on a path of awakening. And it’s time we put an end to all this nonsense once and for all.

We pretend we’re perfect

Look, we try to do the right thing as much as possible. We try to be the embodiment of perfection. But we’re not angels. We make bad choices. We lose our tempers. We say things we wish we hadn’t. We do stupid things. And sometimes it hurts the people we love. We screw up, we learn, we pick up the pieces, and then we move on. And eventually we will screw up again. You didn’t come into this physical lifetime to be perfect. You came here to learn. And learn you shall—through your own imperfection.

We deny our struggles

Boy I wish this weren’t true, but we are in no way immune to life’s messy and painful moments. We don’t walk around in a protective bubble of infinite perfection and joy. Bad things happen to us, and around us, and in us. Did you know that those of us walking a spiritual path are sometimes the ones who hurt most? It is by design to help us be better healers and light-workers. Our lives are plagued with hardships not as punishments but rather to help us gain perspective and understanding to help others who experience similar life situations. How beautifully courageous of you to take the hits for the greater good of the team!

We stifle our emotions

Anger. Sadness. Fear. Prejudice. Spitefulness. Jealousy. Instability. Hopelessness. Judgment. Imbalance. Pessimism. Animosity. Depression. Anxiety. And on and on and on. We feel them all. And yet we try to put on a happy face at all times because we are afraid our spiritual card will be revoked if one ounce of negativity oozes from our aura. We try to choke down the poison so it won’t seep into the lives of those around us. We try to keep it under wraps so we won’t be called out, or judged, or denied. We try to maintain a sunny disposition and a façade of eternal joy, but in so doing, we shut out love and support from those around us because they don’t see our hidden pain. They buy the bullshit of perfection, and so we deny them the opportunity to love and comfort us.

We try to have all the answers

For many of us, admitting we don’t have all the answers is like committing career suicide. But no advisor, guru, psychic, intuitive, minister, or life coach has all the answers. In fact, none of us could possibly know every gosh darn thing there is to know about life or spirituality. Yet those of us on a spiritual path feel pressure to have all the answers, not only for ourselves but for every person who crosses our path. Uncertainty is not an evil, although we detest and deny it as if it were the embodiment of Satan himself.

We hide our vices

Spiritual people drive fast, sleep around, use controlled substances, eat processed foods, curse like sailors, drink too much, buy things they don’t need, text while driving, and so on. I’m not endorsing a life of addiction or crime, but the important point to make here is that you are not a failure for an occasional dalliance with ice cream sundaes, Gucci handbags, or the “F” word.

We suppress our frustrations

I love my spirit guides and helpers. They’ve seen me through a lot of rough times, although not always in the manner or velocity in which I would prefer. And do you know what? I do—on occasion—get angry with them. Sometimes I curse them like a spiteful teenager having a temper tantrum. I kick and scream about the hand I’ve been dealt. I lash out against what I perceive to be cruel and unfair punishment. I make judgments and demands. And then I calm down again. Spiritual temper tantrums won’t get you kicked out of the club. Sometimes, in fact, they lead to a mental epiphany and energetic awakening.

​But when beauty is seen through the shroud of judgment, one is sure to see imperfection.
You are a priceless work of art that is perfect in its imperfection. Embrace those quirks that set you apart from the crowd and be courageous to show your true and “flawed’ self to the world. Face it, you may be spiritual, but you’re not perfect. And you’re not doing anyone any favors by pretending otherwise.

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa is renowned for ‘spot on’ psychic medium readings that are chock full of evidence, insights, and compassion. Melissa and Spirit change lives and convert skeptics to believers through channeled readings, sold-out events, and professional instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers.

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