This #vanlife holiday season, I find myself in the desert–the White Sands area of New Mexico. The pristine white dunes sparkle in the sun and cover nearly 300 square miles (that’s the size of New York City!). I’ve always wanted to play on sand dunes, but it never occurred to me to do it on Christmas Eve or that there was sand anywhere in the world so white and pristine that it resembles fresh-fallen snow. This Wisconsin native is no stranger to snow, and even I had to remind myself it was sand I was walking on.

Thank you, Spirit, for inspiring and guiding me to make this epic road trip pitstop. It was well worth dipping into 45 degree temps (that’s the high). Heck, if the slopes at home were as warm and dry as this, I may have become a ski bum. Well … probably not.

Also, I’m sending a huge shoutout to my vanlife friend Gieo who encouraged me to try my hand at video editing. I did it!

And to you this year, I’m offering the gift of goofiness. May you be inspired to let your inner child shine and giggle out loud today. Whatever you’re celebrating, make it a good one!

Location: White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Music: “White Christmas” by Lauren Daigle

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa Divine | Psychic Medium

Melissa is renowned for ‘spot on’ psychic medium readings that are chock full of evidence, insights, and compassion. Melissa and Spirit change lives and convert skeptics to believers through channeled readings, sold-out events, and professional instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers.

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