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“The real deal” (from client reviews)

Melissa is an experienced psychic, medium, and mentor with a passion for helping and inspiring others. Since 2012 she has worked closely with Spirit to deliver insight, clarity, and healing. She is renowned for compassionate and spot-on readings that reach deep into the heart of soul truths, demonstrate the omniscience of Spirit, and inspire profound shifts of consciousness and personal realities. She helps clients navigate their physical lives for the greatest possible outcome and spiritual ascension.


“I have been to many psychics in the past. I can definitely say without a doubt that Melissa is one of my favorites. Her energy is very comforting and her caring nature is just what I needed. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Samantha from Wisconsin | 2016

Divine Guidance is my Specialty

Hope + Healing + Clarity

For more than a decade, my professional practice focused on traditional mediumship messages from my clients’ loved ones in Spirit. People came to me in hopes of reconnecting with their loved ones in Spirit, and I provided unexpected details and compelling evidence to prove their loved ones’ life after death.

But as the world progresses in a resurgence of the soul, it is increasingly clear that my connection with Spirit and gifts of perception are needed for much more. People aren’t just grieving and hoping to reconnect anymore, they long more than ever for help making life choices, healing sadness and traumas, understanding meaning and purpose, overcoming stagnancy and confusion, discovering personal power, and satiating curiosities about their life path. Those needs are lovingly met by Spirit who knows my clients intimately, has an all-knowing perspective of their path, and is eager to offer insightful words of encouragement and guidance.

An Oracle for the New World

Support + Guidance + Peace

Are you ready to see your truth beyond the noise and clutter of the physical world? If you long for clarity and deeper knowing, you have the support of Spirit (including your highest self, guides, angels, and loved ones in Spirit) who understand you intricately and will guide you compassionately. I convey insight and guidance from your Spirit family and use gifts of perception to access Divine truths, interpret energies of others involved, and evaluate lessons and potential outcomes with remarkable accuracy. My specialty is getting to the heart of what perplexes and intrigues you so you can move confidently forward to live your Divine truth.

Readings with Melissa

“Melissa is part psychic, part life-coach, and part spiritual therapist. She has such a warm, beautiful soul and genuinely cares about helping people. Melissa is a truly gifted psychic and was able to intuitively give me insight and suggestions that were amazingly accurate … She took the time to listen to my problems and offer additional solutions … I highly recommend Melissa not only for her spiritual gifts but because she has a profound passion for healing others.”

Lydia from Wisconsin | 2013

News + Notes

from Melissa

Professional + Conscientious

In a world of so many voices, it can be hard to decipher the Truth.

“I aim to provide the type of readings I would want for myself and for my loved ones.” —Melissa


The content of your reading is important to you, and Spirit relies on me to properly convey their intended love and support across dimensions. I do my best to access compelling evidence, validating truths, and thorough messages that get to the heart of your situation.


I am mindful of how life-changing readings can be, so I aim to convey divine messages and guidance as ethically as possible. I strive to be worthy of my clients’ and Spirit’s trust, to be honest, respectful, thorough, humble, confidential, conscientious, and clear for the greatest possible benefit of all.


I provide a safe space where all can be open, authentic, and respected. I understand my clients’ needs for healing, clarity, and guidance in very private and vulnerable areas of life, and I work to provide messages, validation, and guidance that will reaffirm their eternal connection with Spirit and help them move forward on their personal journey.

A Psychic You Can Trust


I have many repeat clients. After their first sessions, many clients’ primary curiosity is “how soon can I schedule another reading?”

46% of sessions are repeat clients (2023)


Many of my clients are so pleased with their readings, they refer family, friends, and colleagues to work with me as well.

> 1/3 of new clients were referred by others (2023)


Even the most distraught, lost, and grief-stricken among my clients have experienced real and palpable shifts in just one session.


I’ve worked with many skeptical and reluctant first-timers whose beliefs shifted due to profound accuracy in a single reading.


“Spot on!” is the reaction/comment I hear most frequently, followed by “amazingly accurate” and even “scary good.”


Read what my clients say about their sessions.

“My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.

Odalis from New Jersey | 2013

My Psychic Journey

How it All Began

I haven’t always known I was psychic. The conscious awareness of my awakening started in my mid-30s with a strong intuitive calling to meditation and the modest simplicity of Buddhism. I also felt an inexplicable urgency to comprehend the afterlife and the ethereal, so I read all I could on near-death experiences, the afterlife, psychic development, dream interpretation, and angels.

Although I felt strongly drawn to early tv programs featuring Spirit communication, I maintained a healthy skepticism of mediumship (and even the afterlife in general) until fate and tragedy intervened. In 2011, after my father died in a tragic accident, I attended a public demonstration of mediumship in hopes of proving some part of him still survived. I was hopeful yet skeptical, but the compelling evidence from my father (spoken through a psychic medium) made me a believer. It expanded my worldview and drastically changed the trajectory of my life.

Fate continued to propel me toward mediumship, Spiritualism, and the Spiritualist church through profound dreams, synchronicities, and psychic readings. Less than a year after my father’s death, I nervously attended my first in-residence course at a college for mediums in the United Kingdom. The experience was undeniably magical and eye-opening, and it started to release me from doubt in my abilities. I resonated with the humble servanthood and disciplined approach exemplified by the Spiritualists, and that helped shape and define my mediumship practice. After attending my first intensive course, my career as a medium seemed to accelerate overnight: I fell naturally into leading development circles, coaching others on their development, and offering private readings.

It’s been more than a decade since my initial awakening, and I’ve learned and evolved so much and witnessed a profound shift in how the world regards psychics and mediums. I am grateful to all the earth angels and synchronistic nudges that guided me, shaped my practice, and awakened my soul’s manner of expression.

But psychics and mediums are never finished developing. With Spirit as my greatest guides, teachers, and inspirers, I look forward to seeing my discovery and development continue to evolve.

Psychic Development with Melissa

“Truly remarkable! This was my first reading, and I was mind-blown. She has an amazing gift, and I’m tremendously grateful to have met Melissa. I definitely plan on having another reading from her in the future!”

Nobley from Florida | 2021


             with Spirit 2020-21

Art by Barry “Captain Sketcher” Frishman. 2021

… And what a trip it was!  In 2020, I set off on a spiritual “vanlife” pilgrimage. I packed my possessions in storage and moved into my new home: a 65-square foot camper van I named “Nessa.” I was entering the empty-nest phase of my life, and it seemed a fitting pilgrimage to help define and celebrate my next era. Fate, it seems, had a different plan for getting me on the open road in an oversized van with the words, “Psychic Medium” painted on the sides—the Pandemic! My departure turned out coinciding with the intensity and surgence of the Pandemic. It was a time of global fear and suffering, and wherever I went people would knock on the van window asking Spirit for just a glimmer of hope that things would get better, a sign the Pandemic would eventually end, and guidance out of their personal hardships. I trust that what seemed then to be dreadful timing for my spiritual pilgrimage was actually the grand and Divine plan all along.

“Wow! Every conversation with Melissa gets better with time … Gifted, indeed!”

Brenda from Oregon | June 2023