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Welcome. I am a psychic medium with the magical and remarkable abilities to communicate with spirits in the afterlife, to read spiritual energies, and to perceive the future. I am grateful Spirit chose me to be your host and translator to the world of Spirit because I get to be part of a joyful and loving reunion of souls every time I do a reading.

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Melissa Divine is a multi-talented psychic medium renowned for “spot on” readings that are chock full of evidence, compassion, and profound insights. In nearly ten years as a professional team, Melissa and Spirit changed lives and converted skeptics to believers through channeled readings, sold-out events, and professional instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers.


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Mediumship and teaching psychic development are my passion. I love working with people to inspire healing and to help them move confidently forward in life. I was born to do this, and I was chosen by Spirit.

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One of my strengths is perceiving your loved one’s personality and demeanor so you know they are the source of the messages. ​​I provide compelling evidence that can’t be googled or guessed; that is what inspires tears of joy and converts skeptics to believers.


I’m often amazed at how much healing and transformation is possible in a single session. Spirit knows how to help you get unstuck, guide you toward your highest potential, and navigate life changes. Profound healing and empowerment are possible.


I love sharing what I’ve learned about psychic and mediumship development. I use my connection with Spirit to empower developing psychics, help them make sense of changes, and give them tools and knowledge to realize their psychic specialties.

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“My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.”

Odalis from New Jersey

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I love collaborating with conscientious creatives and visionaries! Contact me about your project.

“Oh my gosh, I was so inspired talking with her. She’s got great energy!”

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