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“The Real Deal”

Melissa Divine is a multi-talented psychic medium renowned for spot-on readings, sold-out events, and life-changing instruction for a new generation of skilled psychics and healers. In nearly ten years as a professional team, Melissa and Spirit have changed lives, converted skeptics to believers, and taught hundreds of developing psychics–many of whom are now working professionally as psychics, mediums, and healers.



personal guidance

Get to the heart and soul of your life experiences and spiritual lessons so you can move confidently forward. Melissa may use gifts of perception, Spirit communication, and divination arts to access Universal Truths, interpret energies of others involved, and evaluate potential future outcomes.

messages from Spirit

People sometimes work with me after the passing of a loved one to learn if their loved one is “okay” in the spirit world. Others feel called to reconnect with deceased loved ones for guidance from souls they know and trust. Receive compelling evidence and heartfelt messages from your loved ones in Spirit.

psychic development

With the help of an experienced mentor, awakening and developing your psychic abilities can be fun, rewarding, and exhilarating. I use psychic perception and communication with your Spirit guides to illuminate your unique skills, areas of specialization, tips for development, and more.​

My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.

Odalis from New Jersey



I know how important the content of your reading is to you, and I understand how important it is to Spirit that I adequately convey their love and guidance across dimensions. I strive to offer compelling evidence and thorough messages you can trust because that is the type of readings I would want for myself and for my loved ones.


It is important to me to honor the sanctity and miraculousness of Spirit communication, to be worthy of my clients’ trust, and to morally convey Spirit’s messages and teachings. I strive to be honest, thorough, humble, conscientious, and clear in all the work I do for your greatest benefit and to properly represent Spirit’s love and guidance.


People often reach out to me when they are grieving, feeling uncertain, or in crisis. I empathize with their need for healing and guidance, and I understand the hopes they have for their readings. I am ever mindful of the delicacy and importance of caring for my clients’ needs because our sessions have the potential to impact their overall wellbeing now and in the future.

Spiritual Lineage

The conscious awakening to my psychic abilities started in my 30s with a strong intuitive calling to the modesty and simplicity of Buddhist teachings (i.e. Thích Nhất Hạnh) and attending weekly meditations at my local Diamond Way Buddhist Center. I felt an urgency to comprehend the afterlife and the ethereal, so I read as much as I could on near-death experiences, the afterlife, psychic development, and angels (Doreen Virtue). I even received a reading with advice on psychic development from John Holland (psychic medium), which led me to discover Spiritualism and the Spiritualist Church.

I was strongly drawn to tv programs like Crossing Over with John Edward and The Long Island Medium, but I maintained a healthy skepticism of mediumship until tragedy gave me a reason to seek it out for myself in 2011. After my dad died suddenly in a tragic accident, I sought out mediumship in hopes of finding some part of him still survived. The compelling evidence from my father (spoken through psychic medium Mollie Morning Star) changed my view of the world and the trajectory of my life.

Just one year after my father’s death, I attended my first in-residence course at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College for mediums in the United Kingdom, which was pivotal in helping me learn to harness my abilities and put them into practice. I am humbled to have studied over the years with many of the greats of British mediumship including the incomparable Mavis Pittilla (rest in peace), Collin Bates, Scott Milligan, and others.

After my first mediumship workshop in England, my psychic career seemed to accelerate overnight: I fell naturally into starting and leading my own psychic development circle, coaching others on their development, and offering private readings. In the years since I became a medium, I’ve learned so much, met so many remarkable souls, and witnessed the shift in how the world views and treats psychics. I am grateful for all the earth angels and synchronistic nudges that shape me, my practice, and my soul’s manner of expression.

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