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“The real deal” (from client reviews)

Melissa is an experienced psychic, medium, and mentor with a passion for helping and inspiring others. Since 2012 she has worked closely with Spirit to deliver insight, clarity, and healing. She is renowned for compassionate and spot-on readings that reach deep into the heart of soul truths, demonstrate the omniscience of Spirit, and inspire profound shifts of consciousness and personal realities. Whether she is practicing as a psychic, medium, mentor, or all three, she helps clients navigate their physical lives for the greatest possible outcome and spiritual ascension.


“My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.”

Odalis from New Jersey | 2018

My Strengths

Personal Guidance

Melissa utilizes gifts of perception and Spirit communication to access Universal Truths, interpret energies of others involved, and evaluate potential future outcomes. Get to the heart and soul of your current circumstances, life experiences, and spiritual lessons so you can move confidently forward.

Psychic Mentorship

With the help of an experienced mentor, awakening and developing your psychic abilities can be fun, rewarding, and exhilarating. Melissa accesses psychic perceptions and communicates with Spirit to illuminate your unique skills, areas of specialization, tips for development, and more.​

Spirit Communication

Some people work with Melissa after the passing of a loved one to learn if their loved one is “okay” in Spirit; others are inspired to reconnect with deceased loved ones for guidance from souls they know and trust. Melissa is known for providing compelling evidence and heartfelt messages from Spirit.

“I have been to many psychics in the past. I can definitely say without a doubt that Melissa is one of my favorites. Her energy is very comforting and her caring nature is just what I needed. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Samantha from Wisconsin | 2016


“I strive to consistently provide the type of readings I would want for myself.” -Melissa Divine

Spirit communication, in my opinion, is sacred and miraculous, and should be honored as such. Each day, I aim to be worthy of the title “medium,” to respect the spirits I work with, to represent the mediums of the past that helped pave my path, and to leave an ethical and expansive foundation where future psychics and mediums will be respected and allowed to blossom. Here are a few things I strive for in my practice:


Because the content of your reading is important to you and because Spirit relies on me to properly convey their love and guidance across dimensions, I do my best to offer compelling evidence and thorough messages you can trust every time I do a reading. (Besides, I imagine accuracy will be extremely important to me when I become the communicator in Spirit sending a message to my loved ones through a medium.)


I aim to be consistently worthy of my clients’ trust and to morally convey Spirit’s divine messages and teachings. I strive to be honest, respectful, thorough, humble, confidential, conscientious, and clear in all the work I do for the greatest possible benefit of my clients and to accurately convey Spirit’s intended messages of love and guidance. Although psychics and mediums are not currently held to any government or organization standards, I maintain with Spirit an agreement similar to the Hippocratic Oath.


People often reach out to me when they are grieving, feeling uncertain, or in crisis. I create a welcome and safe space where all can be open, authentic, and feel respected. I understand my clients’ needs for healing, clarity, and guidance, and I work to provide personal and customized messages from Spirit that will help reaffirm their eternal connection with Spirit and provide the validation and insight to help them move forward on their personal journey.

“Melissa is part psychic, part life-coach, and part spiritual therapist. She has such a warm, beautiful soul and genuinely cares about helping people. Melissa is a truly gifted psychic and was able to intuitively give me insight and suggestions that were amazingly accurate …

I highly recommend Melissa not only for her spiritual gifts but because she has such a profound passion for healing others and is so generous with her time and energy. If you get the opportunity to have a reading with her, definitely do it. You will be so happy you did!”

Lydia from Wisconsin | 2013

My Psychic Unfoldment

And Lineage

The conscious awareness of my awakening psychic abilities started in my mid-30s with a strong intuitive calling to the modesty and simplicity of Buddhist teachings (i.e. Thích Nhat Hanh) and attending weekly meditations at my local Diamond Way Buddhist Center. I felt an unexplained urgency to comprehend the afterlife and the ethereal, so I read as much as I could on near-death experiences, the afterlife, psychic development, and angels (Doreen Virtue). I also received a timely reading with advice on psychic development from John Holland (psychic medium), which led me to discover Spiritualism.

I felt a strong pull to tv programs like Crossing Over with John Edward and The Long Island Medium, but I maintained a healthy skepticism of mediumship until tragedy gave me a reason to seek it out for myself in 2011. After my dad died suddenly in a tragic accident, I attended my first mediumship demonstration in hopes of getting a message that would prove some part of him still survived. The compelling evidence from my father (spoken through psychic medium Mollie Morning Star) expanded my view of the world and the trajectory of my life.

Just months after my father’s death, I attended my first in-residence course at the world-famous Arthur Findlay College for mediums in the United Kingdom, which was pivotal in helping me learn to harness my abilities and put them into practice. I am humbled to have studied over the years with many of the greats of British mediumship including the incomparable Mavis Pittilla (rest in peace), Paul Jacobs, Colin Bates, Scott Milligan, and others.

After my first mediumship workshop in England, my psychic career seemed to accelerate overnight: I fell naturally into starting and leading my first development circle, coaching others on their development, and offering private readings. In the years since I became a medium, I’ve learned so much, met so many remarkable souls, and witnessed the shift in how the world regards psychics and mediums. I am grateful for all the earth angels and synchronistic nudges that help/ed shape me, my practice, and my soul’s manner of expression.


             with Spirit 2020-21

Art by Barry “Captain Sketcher” Frishman. 2021

… And what a trip it was!  In 2020, I set off on a spiritual “vanlife” pilgrimage. I packed my possessions in storage and moved into my new home: a 65-square foot camper van I named Nessa. Fate, it seems, had a plan for getting me on the road in an oversized van with the words, “Psychic Medium” painted on the sides. It was the heart of the Pandemic, and as I made my way around the country, people would stop me at scenic overlooks and grocery store parking lots in hope of making a personal connection with Spirit and finding peace in a challenging time. I connected with so many kind souls on my journey who will forever be in my heart. I send love and gratitude to all those whose kindness kept me going for more than nine months of glorious (and sometimes challenging) adventures on the road with Spirit.

“Truly remarkable! This was my first reading, and I was mind-blown. She has an amazing gift, and I’m tremendously grateful to have met Melissa. I definitely plan on having another reading from her in the future!”

Nobley from Florida | 2021

“Where Have You Been!?”

The Reasons I Left Social Media


The beauty, simplicity, and tranquility I experienced on my “vanlife” journey (2020-21) was certainly the tower moment that halted my online activity. In the beginning of my journey, I was eager to share my travels and spiritual epiphanies online in hope of inspiring others—and perhaps providing a bit of hope during a global pandemic—but as the journey progressed, it was clear that posting online was interfering with all the reasons I had for taking this spiritual pilgrimage: I wanted to find out who I was when I got out of my comfort zone, I wanted to connect with my most authentic self and to reinforce my relationship with Spirit, and I wanted to get away from society in order to benefit from all that nature has to teach. (Besides … I just love roadtrips!) But when I stopped posting? That is when the real journey began. I realized how much I was reporting on living, and absorbing everyone else’s daily living, but it was taking me away from my actual “living.”


In the past, I shared inspirational and educational content on Instagram, events announcements on Facebook, and video readings and discussions on YouTube. But over the past five years, I began to notice the increasingly negative [energetic] effects of my time spent online. As my sensitivities continue to evolve, unfortunately the energy and tone of social media has moved in an opposite direction. Despite experimenting with different sites, strategies, and schedules, being online still left me feeling drained, energetically attacked, and generally alarmed by the state of the world. But since limiting my time on social media sites and digital devices, I experienced an increase in my energy for psychic work and my overall wellbeing. It wasn’t an easy transition to make, but I find the energetic rewards far outweigh the physical-world sacrifice.


When I learned how significantly social media sites can deplete my energy, distance me from Spirit, and detract from my soul’s passions, I realized that time spent online likely had negative effects on those who I was connecting with too. Though I didn’t want to give up connecting with others on social media, I couldn’t ethically look the other way and pretend I wasn’t in some way inviting my friends and clients into a lion’s den of complex energy, ego, and commercialism that threatens to decrease their energy too. Because I believe in practicing what I preach, because I believe we can affect real social change by rejecting social norms that don’t align with our beliefs, and because I believe a medium’s role is to uplift others both in- and outside the reading room, I have decided to renounce my social profiles for now.


… But let’s still keep in touch! Until the world of digital and social media evolves to be a place that is safe for sensitives as well as humanity, I am opting for more traditional ways of interacting in a world that is so complexly woven with technology and commercialism. Let’s manifest authentic and meaningful ways for us to connect in a reimagined online world. But until then, don’t be a stranger!

“Wow! Every conversation with Melissa gets better with time … Gifted, indeed!”

Brenda from Oregon | June 2023