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“Remarkable.”  “Spot-On.”  “The Real Deal.”

In ten years as a practicing medium, I have been host and translator at profoundly moving reunions for my clients and their loved ones in the afterlife, accessed eternal Truths that inspired profound healing, accurately predicted future outcomes, and mentored other psychics and mediums on their paths of awakening. I am humbled and awed by the profound miracle of it all, and I love to share Spirit’s teachings. Wherever you are on your spiritual path, I am confident you will be delighted and enlightened by a conversation with Spirit.



The primary reasons people work with Melissa are …



What is next for me?

Are you feeling lost, hopeless, or uncertain? I access Universal Truths, interpret situational energies, and consult with Spirit to help you move forward in life with the insight and support you need. 

Spirit knows you and your life situations, and they can help you to get unstuck, to guide you toward your highest potential, and to navigate life transitions with more confidence. Profound healing and empowerment are possible.



Is my loved one okay?

Some people work with me after the passing of a loved one because they want to know if their loved one is “okay” in the spirit world. Others feel called to reconnect with deceased loved ones and seek personal guidance from trusted souls. 

I am known for providing compelling evidence that cannot be googled (such as your loved one’s personality, demeanor, memories, etc.) so you are confident their soul is the source of your messages.


Where is all this headed?

One of my great passions is helping others awaken to their psychic and spiritual abilities. I use psychic perception and communication with your Spirit guides to assess your psychic senses, your soul’s areas of specialization, your challenges, and your strengths.  

I’ve acquired years worth of practical tools and knowledge to share that can help you develop safely and realize your potential. Life-changing expansion is likely.

“If you get the opportunity to have a reading with her, definitely do it. You’ll be so happy you did.”

Lydia from Wisconsin


Choosing a psychic is challenging enough; finding one you can trust shouldn’t be!


My clients’ #1 comment is “Spot-on,” and frankly, the accuracy and profundity of my readings sometimes surprises me too. Spirit works hard to send you messages across dimensions, so I strive to be as accurate and thorough as possible every time I do a reading.


You can trust the content of your confidential reading with me because I hold myself to a high ethical standard. I am honest, thorough, conscientious, and clear, so you can get the greatest possible benefit from your reading.


I love helping people and being a messenger for Spirit. For me, mediumship is a labor of love and a passion–not just a career. I care about my clients, both those in Spirit and those here in the physical world.

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