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“[Melissa] creates a safe and welcoming space to explore the unknown world of mediumship and is a talented and professional group facilitator. When I attend her workshops, I feel deeply honored and respected. She holds the space for each to have our own personal journey, and this is a rare gift.”

Kim from Wisconsin

Let’s see what you can do!

Psychic and mediumship unfoldment is truly remarkable and miraculous. With the help of an experienced mentor, uncovering and honing your psychic abilities can be fun, rewarding, and exhilarating. ​If you are developing or considering developing as a psychic, intuitive, or medium, I can help illuminate your unique skills, abilities, strengths, challenges, tips for your development, and more.​


mentorship + coaching

You have questions, curiosities, and conundrums regarding your psychic development, and I can help. Whether you are just getting started or are a professional looking for support and inspiration, I have years of experience as a mentor and teacher to support you on your journey.



workshops + events

My workshops, programs, and retreats combine organized instruction, practice exercises, and psychic guidance to help you hone your psychic and mediumship abilities. The people who attend these programs want to understand their abilities, expand their knowledge, and practice using their skills.



development circles

Circles and discussion groups are a safe place to expand your knowledge and build your confidence using your psychic senses. I create a safe and supportive environment, provide exercises and opportunities for you, and coach you to a new level of connection. Join an existing circle or start your own.

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Psychic Development Clinic + Message Circle, 2021

knowledge + experience

Over the years, I have taught and mentored people just like you in workshops, development circles, and private readings. Inspired by what they learned in my programs, many of my students now work professionally as psychics, mediums, and healers.

I offer programs, retreats, and sessions shaped by Spirit and inspired by the world-class trainings I received in England. If you feel inspired to work with me, I will be honored to help you discover and navigate the unique path that is your unfoldment.

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You are psychic too!

It wasn’t until my mid-30s that my abilities simply would not let me overlook them anymore. I didn’t have a mentor to help me understand the physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms that plagued me during the early days of my development; I had no choice but to go it alone. I realize now that Spirit was preparing me to teach others on the path of psychic unfoldment. I offer a number of services for developing psychics, mediums, and spiritual practitioners including workshops, mentorships, and private consultations.


mentorships | workshops | development circles

“I feel a great sense of relief after my Skills Assessment reading with Melissa. Through her, Spirit was able to clarify so much about my life path and about what I have been experiencing. Thanks to the clarity, affirmation, and encouragement I received, I'm ready to let go of a big chunk of resistance that I didn't realize I was holding onto. I also received clear advice—but not an overwhelming amount—on what will help me moving forward to deepen my own mediumship and channelling. Melissa's energy was clean, clear, and high-vibration. I'm excited to find such a helpful mentor.”

Oonagh Foran from PennsylvaniaMarch 2023

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you! Your guidance and mentoring through the years has brought me clarification and insight to my gifts. I had three intuitive sessions yesterday [that] I was SO nervous for, and I let go. They were beautiful, and I was able to translate my 'visions' and 'knowing!' It was SO fun and cool! Thanks, from my heart, for helping me understand my 'crazy' thoughts and sights.”

Emilene from WisconsinMay 2022

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with us. It brought so much healing and understanding. I enjoyed your insights, feedback, sharing, and knowledge. I enjoyed the format. Keep it going! You are a beautiful soul! Thank you. God bless!”

"Carrie" from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Please have more of these workshops 😊 It's wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and to practice in a safe and loving atmosphere. Thank you!”

"Lisa" from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“I loved this learning/healing session. I feel like I've grown through your gifts. It was fantastic to partake in the group readings. Thank you for making this possible.”

"Gena" from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Thanks so much for having this! It was awesome to be given more confidence and be pushed a bit out of my comfort zone. I was helped, and it fed my soul! 😊”

Charity from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Thank you for sharing your time, energy, guidance, and advice. This workshop has helped me understand myself and questions I have with my path and trusting myself and intuition. Thank you!”

Linda from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Lovely energy today. Excellent leadership and storytelling. The facilitation was on-point, girrrrl! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

"Tom" from MinnesotaOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Thank you for the experience. The love and peace was empowering. I am very glad I came. I will be paying more attention to the little messages.”

"Lori" from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“I love you and how you show up in the world ... how you allow me to show up just as I am and feel accepted and surrounded in love. This was BEAUTIFUL! ❤️”

Shirley from WisconsinOctober 2021 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Even practicing psychics need a little psychic tune-up from time to time! I looked no further than my friend and mentor Melissa Divine. If you feel the need for some inspiration, clarity, or healing, contact Melissa and claim your session!”

Annette from MinnesotaFebruary 2021 | Private Consultation

“Loved it! Great supportive group to bounce ideas off of. Much needed in the community!”

"Ellie"February 2020 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Thank you for coordinating this lovely uplifting event today! I'm eternally grateful for all those that help me along my spiritual journey. Most of all, thank you for your loving kindness. Bless you!”

ToniFebruary 2020 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Awesome heartwarming intuitive experience I'd love to repeat! ❤️”

"Sara"February 2020 | Psychic Development Clinic

“So grateful for this opportunity to connect with all these beautiful souls! ❤️”

"Maryann"February 2020 | Psychic Development Clinic

“Wonderful, loving, confirmational!”

"Sheila"February 2020 | Psychic Development Clinic

“The door to my intuition was open, but I was hesitant and unsure of many things. With Melissa's help and the Mentorship Program, I've become confident in my abilities, and I'm profoundly grateful for this beautiful transformation. Open yourself to the loving guidance and wisdom the spirit world is waiting to share with you!”

Annette from WisconsinOctober 2018 | Mentorship Program

“I've attended a lot of spiritual workshops and events in my life, and I can confidently say that this [mentorship] program is by far the best and most enlightening one I have ever attended!”

"Traci" from MinnesotaJuly 2018 | Mentorship Program

“In 2016-17, Melissa Divine offered around 20 workshops and classes at my shop, SUTRA global imports, on topics ranging from psychic development to reincarnation to divination and spirit guides. Most events are sold out, and she has many repeat "students". She creates a safe and welcoming space to explore the unknown world of mediumship and is a talented and professional group facilitator. When I attend her workshops, I feel deeply honored and respected. She holds the space for each to have our own personal journey, and this is a rare gift ... I highly--and without reserve--recommend Melissa Divine.

Kim Hammer from WisconsinAugust 2017 | Workshops + Demonstrations

“I recently attended Melissa's 'Pendulums & Crystal Balls' workshop and learned a great deal of exciting information. I had no prior experience in working with pendulums or crystal balls, but Melissa was very encouraging and provided the entire group with much guidance! Since the workshop, through working with my pendulum, I have discovered information about my Umbrella Cockatoo, Sabrina, that I had been wondering about for years. I had adopted her from an avian rescue center and nobody knew her exact age or the reason for her feather plucking behavior and poor feather condition. I am overjoyed that these accurate and powerful methods lead me to discover both her age and the cause of her ailment! Thank you so much, Melissa, for your guidance!

Sherry Dahlen from MinnesotaJuly 2017 | Pendulums + Crystal Balls Workshop

“Even though [the psychic development workshop] was nerve-wracking, the exercises were great! It taught me to trust myself, my spirit family, and Universe. Melissa has shown me the power of intention is real, and it works! Thank you!”

Barbara from MinnesotaMay 2016

“Great beneficial work. Great instructor; very passionate. Made me feel welcome and comfortable. I learned a lot.”

"Sally" from MinnesotaMay 2016 | Psychic Development Workshop

“I appreciate your positive energy. 🙂 You have a calming and encouraging presence.”

Trudy from MinnesotaMay 2016 | Psychic Development Workshop
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