sacred sessions

“Melissa is incredible! This is one of the most exciting readings I’ve ever had … She connected with higher guides, a deceased loved one, and much more. You won’t be disappointed. She is just a gem!”

Kathy from Wisconsin

  • All readings are for one person and are conducted by phone unless otherwise indicated
  • Call-in instructions will be provided via confirmation email/text
  • Allow time before and after your reading for quiet reflection

Your Medium

In ten years as a practicing medium, I have been host and translator at profoundly moving reunions for my clients and their loved ones in the afterlife, accessed universal Truths that inspired profound healing, accurately predicted future outcomes, and mentored other psychics and mediums on their paths of awakening. I am humbled and awed by the profound miracle of it all, and I love to share Spirit’s teachings. Wherever you are on your spiritual path, I am confident you will be delighted and enlightened by a conversation with Spirit.

What is a mediumship reading?

A session with me is a conversation between you and the Spirit world with me as your host and translator. Your loved ones and supporters in spirit are the source of the content, insight, and guidance. During a typical reading, I use mediumship and psychic perception to provide messages from your loved ones in spirit, psychic guidance, energetic healing, spiritual insight, and much more. You are likely to be comforted by your continued connection with your loved ones in spirit, gain a greater understanding of your life lessons and purpose, and empowerment to move forward on your life’s path.

Why do people get readings?

Generally people schedule readings (1) for guidance on their life journey, (2) to re-connect with their loved ones in spirit, and (3) for help developing their psychic abilities. A session with me is jam-packed with evidential messages from your loved ones in Spirit, synchronistic confirmations, psychic insights, clear guidance, powerful healing, epiphanies, and compelling spiritual teachings. Clients often report feeling healed, uplifted, inspired, informed, and motivated after just one session.

Can you predict my future?

I am known to be incredibly accurate in reading potential outcomes. I’ve helped my clients navigate complicated relationships, situations, and even business transactions by accessing their soul’s life plan, reading the potential growth of the situation, and interpreting energies. I have accurately prophesied pregnancies, birth dates, romances, career changes, and much more. Please note, the future is never certain due to the freewill of souls, shifts in universal timing, and other variables.

What are the benefits of a reading?

  • Feel connected/re-connected with deceased loved ones
  • Feel at ease knowing your loved ones are ‘alive’ and well in the Spirit world
  • Feel more secure knowing you don’t have to “do” life alone; Spirit is always helping
  • Feel informed about what is going on beyond the surface of your life
  • Feel inspired to participate in life with renewed focus and expectations

What does a reading consist of?

Each session is customized for you at the time of your reading and based on your life circumstances. The content of your session will likely include messages from your loved ones in spirit, psychic perceptions about your life situations, energetic interpretation, practical support for your psychic/mediumship development (if applicable), and more. I usually begin a reading by asking you to share your goals, questions, and concerns. Then I open the conversation to Spirit, and they inspire me with personalized guidance and messages just for you.

How can I prepare for my reading?

The most important thing you can do to prepare for your reading is to relax. The Spirit world is prepared for your session before you even schedule it, so all you need to do is find a quiet and comfortable place for the reading to take place; Spirit and I will take care of the rest. Many of my clients say their sessions are as easy and comfortable as chatting with a friend, so relax and enjoy your experience with an open heart and mind. These sessions allow for major spiritual shifts, so please allow time in your schedule both before and after your reading for intentions-setting, reflection, journaling, self-care, and healing.​

“If you get the opportunity to have a reading with her, definitely do it. You’ll be so happy you did.”

-Lydia from Wisconsin