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“Melissa is incredible! This is one of the most exciting readings I’ve ever had … She connected with higher guides, a deceased loved one, and much more. You won’t be disappointed. She is just a gem!”

Kathy from Wisconsin | 2022

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  • All readings are conducted by phone unless otherwise indicated
  • Call-in instructions will be provided via email or text following payment
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Adults only

Appointments + Availability

Personal + Spiritual Guidance Reading  *Melissa’s most popular reading

60-Minutes 📞 $200 (1-3 Topics of interest)90-Minutes 📞 $300 (3-5 Topics of interest)

Are you looking for validation, insight, clarity into your life journey and spiritual path? Or perhaps you are looking for guidance into a particular life choice or situation. This is Melissa’s most popular reading, and it is frequently recommended for providing surprising insight, profound accuracy, and useful interpretation of your life experiences and lessons. Melissa may use psychic gifts of perception and Spirit communication to help you access Universal Truths, interpret energies of others involved, and evaluate potential future outcomes.

Coaching Session for Psychics + Mediums + Development

30-Minutes 📞 $12060-Minutes 📞 $20090-Minutes 📞 $300

This session is centered on your questions, curiosities, and conundrums regarding psychic and mediumship development. You will love this reading if you are seeking answers to specific questions about development and spirituality, advice for further development, guidance and validation that you are on your soul’s path, and/or support and understanding from an experienced psychic/medium/mentor. Melissa will use psychic perception and communication with your spirit team to help you gain clarity and understanding pertaining to your current phase of psychic and mediumistic development so you may progress comfortably and confidently. (Recommended duration: 60-minutes)

Your Psychic Skills + Path Reading  *Great for “new” psychics!

60-Minutes 📞 $200

Gain insight into your soul’s gifts, plan, and passions regarding spiritual and psychic development. Learn your strongest gifts of perception (clairs), strengths/challenges, specialties, areas of interest, development advice from your Spirit team, practical guidance from an experienced psychic mentor, and more. This reading is a great next step if you are (1) just awakening to your abilities, (2) feeling called to psychic development but aren’t sure why, or (3) experiencing an upgrade or reboot of your psychic abilities. Melissa provides clarity and understanding for your unique psychic unfoldment (including mediumship) by interpreting psychic energies, communicating with your guides, and sharing pertinent professional experiences.

One-on-One Mentorship Program to Enhance the Practice of Psychics/Mediums  *6-Session package

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Work one-on-one with Melissa to understand your soul’s calling to spiritual work and gain the confidence to put your unique metaphysical abilities into practice. Melissa may provide psychic advice, channelled guidance from Spirit, tools and lessons to expand your knowledge, practice exercises to build experience and demonstrate your skills, constructive feedback, and homework to further develop between sessions. This comprehensive package and the individualized attention you receive will help to raise your vibration, enhance your partnership with Spirit, integrate the needs of your physical life with your spiritual path, access greater depth in your readings, structure your sessions and technique, and build a foundation for your professional spiritual business (if desired). (Six sessions; recommended completion in 3-6 months)

Messages from Spirit for One Person

60-Minutes 📞 $200

This reading is for you if you want to know your deceased loved one(s) are ‘okay,’ that their souls survive and are aware of your current life circumstances, you hope to receive guidance or reassurance from them, and/or you hope to heal from grief. You are likely to be comforted by your continued connection with your loved ones in spirit, gain a greater understanding of your life lessons and purpose, and feel empowered to move forward on your life’s path. Your reading will likely include evidential descriptions so you can identify and trust the source of your reading, guidance for your life’s path, and their heartfelt sentiments.

Messages from Spirit for Two People

60-Minutes 📞 $250

Do you and one other person want to communicate with the same loved one(s) in Spirit? Your message from Spirit will likely include encouraging messages for both individuals as well as evidential descriptions and facts so you can identify the source(s) of your messages. Ages 18+. Please arrange conference calling (if necessary) before your session.

Gift Certificate for a 60-Minute Individual Session

60-Minutes 📞 $200

Giving the gift of psychic insight and Spirit communication is as easy as it is thoughtful. At the time of purchase, you will receive a printable certificate and/or email link to present to the recipient. They will then use a unique code to schedule the session of their choosing.

“Melissa was AMAZING!! She actually had me in tears with how accurate her reading was! It was almost as if she was touching and connecting with my soul and left me with peace. Her advice … was completely accurate and put me at ease with my current situation. If you are hesitant about booking a reading, go for it! You won’t regret it!!!”

Amanda from Wisconsin | 2024

Spirit is Your Guide

In more than ten years as a practicing medium, I have been host and translator at profoundly moving reunions for my clients and their loved ones in the afterlife. I have accessed universal Truths that inspired profound healing, accurately predicted future outcomes, and mentored other psychics and mediums on their paths of awakening. I am humbled and awed by the profound miracle of it all, and I love to share Spirit’s teachings.

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, I am confident you will be delighted and enlightened by a conversation with Spirit.

“My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.

Odalis from New Jersey | 2018

Mediumship Explained

What is a mediumship reading?

A session with me is like a conversation between you and the Spirit world. Your loved ones and supporters in spirit are the source of the content, insight, and guidance, and I am your host and translator. During a typical reading, I use mediumship and psychic perception to provide messages, psychic guidance, spiritual insight, and more.

Why do people get readings?

Generally people work with me (1) for guidance on their life journey, (2) to re-connect with their loved ones in spirit, and (3) for help developing their psychic abilities. My readings are jam-packed with evidential messages from your loved ones in spirit, validation, psychic insight, guidance, and epiphanies.

What are the benefits of a reading?

  • Feel connected/re-connected with Spirit and deceased loved ones
  • Feel at ease knowing your loved ones are ‘alive’ and well in the Spirit world
  • Feel enlightened about your current life circumstances
  • Feel inspired to participate in life with renewed focus
  • Discover your personal power

“Melissa was spot on with so many details. I could not ask for a better first time reading … and I can’t wait to be able to do it again. She was able to connect with my most important family members that I wanted to connect with, and everything was accurate.”

Katelyn from California | 2020