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“Diamond Beauties” (Live)

Special Episode\Series from Buddhist Biohacker

Thursday February 11, 2021
4:55 pm Pacific | 5:55 pm Mountain | 6:55 pm Central | 7:55 pm Eastern
Online Event (“Buddhist Biohacker” channel on YouTube)
Oh wow! What an honor! My friend Lisa M. Gunshore, a.k.a. the “Buddhist Biohacker” has invited me to be one of her “Diamond Beauty” guest features. By her definition, a Diamond Beauty is someone who is a living example of the Divine Feminine, and she will be featuring a new individual each week beginning in 2021. Mark your calendars, set a reminder, and join us for an uplifting and out-of-this-world discussion.
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Past 2020 Events

2021 Predictions Show (Live)

Special Episode of “Meeting of the Mediums”

Wednesday December 16, 2020
1pm Pacific | 2pm Mountain | 3pm Central | 4pm Eastern
Online Event (“Buddhist Biohacker” channel on YouTube)
Are you ready for 2021? I mean really ready for 2021! I am excited to join my friend Lisa M. Gunshore, “the Buddhist Biohacker,” and a few of her psychic friends for a live-stream discussion of what we see coming for all of us in the year ahead. Join us for an enlightening and uplifting look forward to the year ahead.
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Meeting of the Mediums (Live)

One Heart One Earth Global Healing Event

November 7, 2020
1pm Pacific | 3pm Central
Online Event
I am honored to be part of the One Heart One Earth awakening event. I will be teaming up with 50+ facilitators from around the world to spread joy, love, and insights. Tune in at your leisure to watch pre-recorded presentations or watch live video discussions and mediumship readings.
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Mediumship in the Park and #Vanlife Tours

Friday September 25, 2020
Riverside Park, La Crosse, Wisconsin
3-6pm (Drop-in Hours)
Bring a folding chair + Mask
This psychic medium just went mobile! I packed up all my possessions and moved into a converted #vanlife van named “Nessa.” I’ll be living in 80-square feet while toodling around the country, spreading love and positivity, offering spot-on readings from Spirit, and leading spiritual discussions from the road. And I’m starting in the city that has been my home for nearly 20 years.
This is your chance for in-person guidance, readings, development support, spiritual discussions, and to tour my new home/van before I hit the road! Stop in to say hello and to meet my #vanlife partner, Jon. We’ll be giving tours of our van, answering your questions, and participating in readings and spiritual discussions.
I will be taking health precautions so those in attendance feel safe and respected, and I ask that all those who attend do as well. If you are not comfortable attending in person, please consider driving by and honking your horn to send us off.

* Outdoor meeting location
* Distance (we agree to maintain a respectful distance of 6-feet or more)
* Temperatures will be taken (you must have a normal temperature for admittance)
* Face masks required for the comfort and safety of all
* Hand sanitizer will be available (please use before admittance and after touching your face or handling personal belongings)

* You or someone in your household has a fever
* You or someone in your household is experiencing COVID or flu-like symptoms
* You suspect you have been exposed to COVID or someone with COVID
* You are at high risk for infections

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I’m traveling the globe in my #vanlife camper, “Nessa,” and stopping to provide inspiring events at spirituality centers and back porches along the way. Interested in hosting an event?

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