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“My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it.”

Odalis Delatorre from New Jersey

In loving memory of 

Mike H.

“So, during our last reading, my dad (spirit guide) gave you/I some insights. You mentioned some very detailed information about his personality that only his family would know. I will be sending you two pictures of him that captures his analytical mind and contemplation. I forgot I had them. I'm not sure if you remember details after you do a reading, but you literally showed me this about my dad.”

Theresa Cole from WisconsinAugust 2020

“My reading with Melissa in December of 2019 was phenomenal – I felt truth throughout the entire hour. Melissa set me at ease immediately, even when the subject on my mind was anything but easy. During my reading, Spirit stated that March 2020 would be a month of change and clarity for me, even providing specific dates of potential happenings during the month and suggestions on how to manage life until that time. March has come and gone, and everything Spirit provided through Melissa’s clear channel has come to pass and even lines up with the strange global happenings of this time! I couldn’t imagine how the potentials presented during that hour could actually happen, but they have, and I am grateful for the guidance Melissa is able to convey through her very clear connection to Spirit. I know when in need for meaningful spiritual guidance in the future, I am grateful to turn to Melissa Divine. With Much Love ...”

Shirley from WisconsinApril 2020

“Thank you for coordinating this lovely uplifting [development circle] event today! I'm eternally grateful for all those that help me along my spiritual journey. Most of all, thank you for your loving kindness. Bless you!”

ToniFebruary 2020

“You have this way of always making me feel happy and at peace about my daughter ... Thank you again, Melissa! Talk to you soon.”

Odalis Delatorre from New JerseyJanuary 2020

“My connection with Melissa began before I physically met her, drawn to her by Spirit and connected by mutual compassion for the things most cannot see. My experience with her ability was amazing, and the space was inviting and warm. If you are considering seeking spiritual guidance, I highly recommend Melissa. Her readings are enlightening, uplifting, and spot on. You will not regret any moment spent. Enter the space with an open heart and willingness to learn.”

Theresa Cole from WisconsinDecember 2019

“Melissa is so sweet and encouraging in her readings. She has connected me to my dad and grandmother multiple times, and I always feel so loved by the end of the session and able to take life changes in bigger perspectives.

T.S. from CaliforniaMay 2019

“[Melissa] is compassionate and really listens to you. She can understand what your inquiry is about. She nails it and helps you deal with it. Very authentic.”

John Hubely from WisconsinApril 2019

“Thank you so much for your guidance in our session today--it was exactly what I was hoping for! I plan to schedule another consultation this weekend after the dust settles around my schedule ... On a side note, I was floored when you mentioned my current relationship was with my twin flame. I have found few psychics that can see that and fewer that understand the special nature of such a relationship ... At any rate, thank you again for such a wonderful session, and I look forward to many more!”

Michelle from WisconsinJanuary 2019

“The door to my intuition was open, but I was hesitant and unsure of many things. With Melissa's help and the Mentorship Program, I've become confident in my abilities, and I'm profoundly grateful for this beautiful transformation. Open yourself to the loving guidance and wisdom the spirit world is waiting to share with you!”

Annette from WisconsinOctober 2018

“I've attended a lot of spiritual workshops and events in my life, and I can confidently say that this [mentorship] program is by far the best and most enlightening one I have ever attended!”

"Traci" from MinnesotaJuly 2018

“My most recent reading with Melissa was so beautiful and amazing it brings tears of joy to my eyes every time I think about it. Although Melissa and I have never met in person, her phone readings are unbelievably touching and make me feel like we have been friends for years. After experiencing other readings I have concluded that Melissa is the medium for me as she has connected with my beautiful daughter and brought such comforting messages delivered in the most beautiful way. I cannot thank her enough for supporting my connection with my daughter whom I miss so much. Our most recent session in April of 2018 delivered the most fascinating messages regarding the ability to rewind time and allow my daughter and I to experience all the beautiful moments I thought I might have missed. I cannot wait for my next reading! Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your beautiful gift!

Odalis Delatorre from New JerseyJune 2018

“I was truly blown wide open during this [Psychic Path] reading. A question that has been troubling me for years was answered so simply and without being asked. From that moment on I have adjusted my approach of myself in my meditations and throughout my waking moments. Thank u!!!

Jai Kellum from WisconsinMay 2018

“I always feel better after talking with Melissa. Her readings are accurate and delivered with authenticity and kindness. Thank you, Melissa! ❤️

Nicole Anderson from MinnesotaMay 2018

“In 2016-17, Melissa Divine offered around 20 workshops and classes at my shop, SUTRA global imports, on topics ranging from psychic development to reincarnation to divination and spirit guides. Most events are sold out, and she has many repeat "students". She creates a safe and welcoming space to explore the unknown world of mediumship and is a talented and professional group facilitator. When I attend her workshops, I feel deeply honored and respected. She holds the space for each to have our own personal journey, and this is a rare gift ... I highly--and without reserve--recommend Melissa Divine.

Kim Hammer from WisconsinAugust 2017

“Spot on! Heartfelt, comforting, and inspiring messages complete with goosebumps of confirmation!

Patti Bartsch from MinnesotaAugust 2017

“I recently attended Melissa's 'Pendulums & Crystal Balls' workshop and learned a great deal of exciting information. I had no prior experience in working with pendulums or crystal balls, but Melissa was very encouraging and provided the entire group with much guidance! Since the workshop, through working with my pendulum, I have discovered information about my Umbrella Cockatoo, Sabrina, that I had been wondering about for years. I had adopted her from an avian rescue center and nobody knew her exact age or the reason for her feather plucking behavior and poor feather condition. I am overjoyed that these accurate and powerful methods lead me to discover both her age and the cause of her ailment! Thank you so much, Melissa, for your guidance!

Sherry Dahlen from MinnesotaJuly 2017

“I met with Melissa over the phone and had a great experience! She was not only able to connect with loved ones who had passed, but also able to read into my energy very well. Anything from messages from my loved ones to situations going on in my life; everything was spot on. There were definitely things that she picked up on that nobody could have known. I will be making appointments with her in the future.”

L.Y.April 2017

“Wonderful experience. I was initially nervous about the session, which quickly dissipated within moments of speaking with Melissa. She encourages you to settle in like you would when visiting with a good friend. I received meaningful messages from my loved ones. It was a healing, comforting, validating, and even humorous experience. Melissa is devoted to giving you the best experience possible. The time passed so quickly, I could have talked to her for hours. Thank you, Melissa! Looking forward to next time!”

Jo D.April 2017

“I had a reading done via phone by Melissa in February of 2017. I was hoping that she would connect with my daughter who passed away in 2015 unexpectedly. Not only did she connect with her, the validation was unbelievable because there was no way that she would have known the connection my daughter had to pizza. The reading was unbelievable for the entire 60 minutes. I felt like I was talking to a friend. When the reading was over I felt at peace--a feeling I haven't had since [my daughter's] passing. I am looking forward to my next reading!”

Odalis Delatorre from New JerseyFebruary 2017

“I have been friends with Melissa Divine for several years, but I never had her do a reading for me and to be honest I was quite apprehensive and skeptical ... I have to say it was far more interesting and provoking than I ever could imagine. She brought up people and events I hadn't ever told her about or thought about in years as well as things that were going on right now. It wasn't scary or weird, but it was unbelievable. I love the information that she shared from the spirit guides she encountered. It really made me think about some things. So I have to say that I truly do believe now, and I would encourage anyone to go to the process at least once. I know it gave me a sense of connection that I've never really felt before. And I will do it again probably sooner than later.”

Janet from IowaJanuary 2017

“My reading with Melissa was such a positive experience. She was able to affirm the presence of my parents in ways that I was able to recognize. Melissa's calm presence, humility, and caring spirit, in addition to her connection with the spirit world, are true gifts.”

Sara D. from MinnesotaJuly 2016

“I had a great experience with my reading by Melissa! We ran through the gammut of emotions, and I left with amazing joy and peace! I enjoyed my time with Melissa as well as quick visits with family that have crossed over. Melissa delivered messages, insights, as well as shared her own suggestions in understanding what life is presenting. She also gave comfort and suggestions for what I would be experiencing in the future. I enjoyed my time with Melissa and look forward to our next meeting.”

Trish B.July 2016

“Thank you so much for having a [public gallery] reading session at the Onalaska library on the first. It was very uplifting hearing different people coming through to give messages. I thought it was really neat how people would come through with their type of dress to help identify themselves. I can't begin to imagine reading for one person let alone a room full of people. You have a special gift that I'm honored to have had the opportunity to attend and hear ... thank you so much for sharing your gift, and I look forward to more opportunities in the future.”

SueJune 2016

“I had a private reading from you Saturday at the metaphysical fair. I am totally in awe of your talent as you were able to connect with my loved ones who had passed … I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have brought me a sense of peace I have not found anywhere else.”

Nicole Ward from IowaJune 2016

“Even though [the psychic development workshop] was nerve-wracking, the exercises were great! It taught me to trust myself, my spirit family, and Universe. Melissa has shown me the power of intention is real, and it works! Thank you!”

Barbara from MinnesotaMay 2016

“Great beneficial work. Great instructor; very passionate. Made me feel welcome and comfortable. I learned a lot.”

"Sally" from MinnesotaMay 2016

“I appreciate your positive energy. 🙂 You have a calming and encouraging presence.”

Trudy from MinnesotaMay 2016

“I feel lighter. I feel forgiven. And I am reminded about the important things in life that, without my permission, were going unnoticed, even missed. Thank you, Spirit. Thank you, Melissa.”

Jane Comeau from WisconsinApril 2016

“I just received a reading from Melissa and feel very at ease right now. I have been to many psychics in the past. I can definitely say without a doubt that Melissa is one of my favorites. Her energy is very comforting and her caring nature is just what I needed. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Samantha HJanuary 2016

“I have found Melissa to be very helpful in helping your soul find its way through this world. She is very insightful and helpful as you go through difficult times of doubt. I would recommend her to anyone on this journey.”

Bruce Houck from South DakotaApril 2014

“My reading with Melissa was very insightful and meaningful. She was in touch with Spirit and communicated very well the messages coming through. She even took extra time with me to help with a life issue also. She is a very sweet, caring person.”

Sharon MontalbanoMarch 2014

“Great reading given by Melissa; she helped me to feel calm and positive about my current life circumstance and my future. She is truly caring and I know I'll feel comfortable to call her again for a reading. Thank you!”

Kim RFebruary 2014

“Thank you so much for the reading tonight. Afterwards it felt like a weight was lifted. I could feel a sensation in my heart and my stomach that was amazing. This is exactly what I needed when I needed it. I haven't felt this great in a very long, long time. Thank you again, and I will be contacting you for another reading in the future. You are simply amazing.”

Krista V2014

“When I met with Melissa I had many questions regarding the path life had taken me. My card reading was very educational and informative. Melissa was very caring, and I felt very comfortable though the entire experience. I will recommend Melissa to others.”

Keri OlsonJanuary 2014

“I was feeling stuck in life and didn’t know where to go. I met with Melissa to receive a card reading to help me get on the right path. However I received so much more from Melissa. Melissa was spot on with her readings and reassured me that I was on the right path. Even better, Melissa did a mediumship reading for me. My grandparents came through. Melissa was able to tell me things about them that there would be no other way for her to know even by researching. I would highly recommend her to anyone!”

Jade Butler from WiscosninDecember 2013

“Melissa was very sweet and was able to guide me in the right direction. She was very insightful with her readings and didn't rush you through it. She took her time to explain the things she saw. I definitely recommend having a reading with her.”

Lynn JessickDecember 2013

“I thank you for your time and talent. I feel great about our reading, my cards, and direction from here. I’m impressed with not only the cards but some of your words and guidance. You have a gift of being able to verbalize thoughts and emotions and make them make sense. I can’t really explain how I feel—light, lifted, peaceful, and full of confidence that everything will be okay. I feel loved and guided and cared for.”

Jennifer S. from WiscosninDecember 2013

“Melissa is part psychic, part life-coach, and part spiritual therapist. She has such a warm, beautiful soul and genuinely cares about helping people. Melissa is a truly gifted psychic and was able to intuitively give me insight and suggestions that were amazingly accurate. However she didn’t just give me a reading, she also took the time to listen to my problems and offer additional solutions. She even followed up the next day with continued support. I would highly recommend Melissa not only for her spiritual gifts but because she has such a profound passion for healing others and is so generous with her time and energy. If you get the opportunity to have a reading with her, definitely do it. You will be so happy you did!”

Lydia O'Neil2013

“I worked with Melissa after the death of my husband, Dale. She is a warm, compassionate, talented person. Her insights were so comforting to me and gave me such joy and peace during this difficult time. You could feel her love and her commitment to her calling; it was truly a pleasure to work with her. We also worked with the angel card, which was also very insightful. I loved her energy, spirit, and will work with her again soon.”

Lynn Schneider from FloridaDecember 2013

“When I met with Melissa I had many questions regarding the path life has taken me. My card reading was very educational and informative. Melissa was very caring, and I felt very comfortable through the entire experience. I will recommend Melissa to others.”

Jean Chromey from MinnesotaDecember 2013

“Melissa is an incredible spiritual guide. She’s passionate and thoughtful in her readings and gives wonderfully insightful ideas and suggestions. I felt like a new person after my time with her; I was rejuvenated and excited about my life and my goals. I was also astonished that she was able to connect with two souls very dear to me who have passed on. The messages they sent through her were a salve for my heart and ones that only they could have shared. Thank you, Melissa!”

Bonnie James from MinnesotaDecember 2013

“I have been working on and working out our reading. It put me on the right path, and I am so content with how things are going. I will recommend your site to others. You look like an angel, and I look forward to many more readings.”

Corry Van Aelstyn from Wisconsin2013

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